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Growing up in a fishing village, there was nothing he knew better than the ‘fresh taste of fish’. He always watched his grandfather’s back as he went out to fish at dawn and returned home with his arms full at dusk. In the evening, he will then watch his grandmother bend over whilst preparing soup with the fish caught by his grandfather. However, all these would remain memories now. Today, every bowl of fish soup in his hands fills him with gratitude.

In 2021, He decided to bring this memory and dedication of fresh, high-quality fish into life in the city. Besides giving the urbanite an opportunity to experience the fresh fish soup, they can also share the warmth of the fishing village. 

May Nelayanku gives you a taste and warmth of home in the midst of the busy city.

Asian fisherman with his wooden boat in nature river at the early morning before sunrise

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Our Testimonials

Kenneth Law

Super yummy seafood. The assam fish was fabulous!

Frank Stocek

HBright and clean with a friendly welcome to start. Food was very fresh and tasty with a nice variety of items to choose from. Loved the Golden Fish and Curry noodle soups. The fish satay with fresh green chili sauce was amazing. The Fish Wings were addictive and will be coming back for more.

Maggie Tan

Totally worth FIVE stars! Very fresh seafood, tasty and Big portion! Love their signature dishes especially curry and golden noodle. Will definitely visit again. Seafood lover should come and try it.

Billy Kok

Service was fast, friendly staff. Food is well priced for the quality that the restaurant promises. I ordered the golden fish soup noodles while my wife order a clear soup noodles. Food came and looked as in the menu! The noodles were really good especially the soups, the 'wing' were great! Their chilli dips are good especially the red one.Pleasantly satisfied! Don't forget to bite the crunchy tiny shrimps! Heaven!

Kwan Yang Yew

Good ambience, good food, affordable price, will visit again!

Yee Kiean Yap

Very delicious fresh seafood meal. Excellent. Very clean and presentable too

Mil Lim

Really fresh seafood curry. Tasty.

Angel Rajes

We ate the fish satay .. very nice n different